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All fields, on all pages, are required unless specifically labeled otherwise.

Please use the navigation buttons provided at the bottom of each page. Using your browser's "Back" and "Forward" buttons may corrupt the reliability of your application data.  If you use a "Back" button on a form, any entered information will not be recorded.  If you enter data into a form, click the "Next" button on the web page and THEN use the "Back" buttons to make the desired changes.

Note:  Checking PLUS requires a monthly electronic direct deposit of at least $200 from payroll, Social Security, annuity or pension, and has a higher yield than Internet Checking, which has no direct deposit requirement.  Only one type of account may be opened per application.

  By initialing this box (please fill in your initials in the box to the left), I/We authorize Presidential Bank to investigate credit and employment history and obtain reports from customer reporting agency(ies) on them as individuals. I/We personally and as, or on behalf of, the account owner(s) agree to the terms of, and acknowledge receipt of the Deposit Account Rules & Regulations, Account Portfolio, Fee Schedule, Check Hold Policy, Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement & Disclosure, and Privacy Policy, as amended by Presidential Bank from time to time.